A Special Guide for Drink Tourists in Toronto

They say “Living in Toronto is great, but having a vacation in Toronto is even greater!” Indeed, this is the entire truth and you will feel it, too, once you get in this amazing, multi-cultural, tolerant and quite entertaining city. Entertainment, by the way, must become a synonym for Toronto, because here`s where fun never ends. And if locals do believe that life without fun is not life at all, but they still need to work and do for living, tourists in Toronto have their chances to get the best of the amusing part in the city. And to do so, follow our special guide for tourists in Toronto!

Go down the streets of Toronto to begin your wonderful journey in the city! You will immediately feel the local atmosphere, where fun and joy come together – especially after the general working time. Be aware that most people – regardless of their job occupation, status or age – are used to go have a drink after work and just relax. It is a trend that every local citizen of Toronto will never give up from. So, you should do the same – go to a bar in Toronto – because crowds and happy people are just regular visitors there. Moreover – we suggest you to go to the 19 Church Street, where one of the most authentic lounges in the city is placed.

The DW Alexander bar in Toronto is claimed to be a top place for several occasions and events. It is very suitable for the trend we were talking about – resting and having a drink after work – but it is also a superb idea for arranging a party, celebrating a birthday and even considering a team building! DW Alexander bar has a Happy Hour from 5pm to 8 pm, when drinks are offered at a special price. Save for the budget-friendly part, you will also get the benefit of tasting some authentic and common drinks that people from Toronto usually have. Pints and original local wines are a must, but, cocktails, on the other side, are also very traditional for the people of Toronto. Maybe, that is why the DW Alexander bar has such a rich and diverse cocktail menu, where you can find both – classical and unique cocktails! Try both of the types and do not miss to visit the bar in evenings, where the crowds of happy and smiling people from Toronto are gathering just like that! Later, you can go to a night club, because the DW Alexander bar is a superb pre-party spot. If the drinks become too much for you, do not miss to visit an authentic restaurant with traditional Canadian cuisine to have a bite.

Toronto, as a matter of fact, is full of wonderful and gorgeous restaurants, where culinary reaches a super high level that will impress you a lot by all means! Ok, guys, have fun in Toronto, because if you don’t, you cannot say you were there!

Where to Try the Best Cocktails in Toronto?

Do you happen to be a passionate cocktails fan? You cannot get rid of the idea to try many more different tastes and conceptual drinks or cocktails? Well, then you are a real Canadian, who knows how good it is to have some fantastic relaxation after work. Indeed, this gorgeous tendency was established long time ago, but it is still something we all love – including in Toronto, as a matter of fact, where options for drinking tasty and fresh cocktails are numerous. So discover where to try the best cocktails in Toronto right away.

Many of you will say that this question is easy to answer. You can drink great and refreshing cocktails out, right? But this is not the only option you have, by the way. How about at home? You can still relax – surrounded by the personally made by you homey comfort – and drink a good cocktail. All you need, of course, is a good company and a good cocktail book to make this pleasant moments superb and really chilling. Books for cocktails might be found in different bookstores in Toronto and as to the company – that`s your personal obligation. But, still, we can recommend you not to bring the entire office at your home for an after work cocktail evening. After all, these people are with you all the day at the office, so it’s much better to leave the sweet moments for resting to the best friends of yours or to your beloved partner. Attention – if your initially made cocktails aren’t what you have expected them to be, do not give up, because practice will eventually make you a cool cocktail master, when the rich experience comes.

manhattan cocktail
manhattan cocktail

Still, most of you, will prefer to try the best cocktails in Toronto out, right? And this means professionally made drinks. Well, this is a much better idea and it is better than the previous one. Having a cocktail out in a cool bar in Toronto is something that will remove the stress and will make feel better – filled with positive energy and with the freshness of a nice Margarita or a professionally made Manhattan cocktail. But where to find them? Well, you need to try few places till you find the best. It is impossible to list all the good night bars and lounges with rich cocktail menu in a big city such as Toronto. After all, each of you has their individual taste. However, browsing the web and creating a list with the top places for cocktail nights in Toronto is a nice idea for starters.

In this list, you should also consider adding the bar at the 19 Church Street in Toronto named DW Alexander. This cool bar is a real leader in cocktail providers across the city of Toronto. And if your wish is to test something out of the ordinary – both as atmosphere and as beverage – this is definitely your place. Full of nice people, polite bartenders and creative accents in the interior design, DW Alexander bar will impress you the moment you enter it.

Top Reasons to Start Having a Drink after Work

What do you do after work? How do you relax and release the stress? Do you actually do it or you are just going back home with more work taken from the office as an additional task? Or probably, you just undress and begin with the household work? OK, it is enough for you to end up with such a lifestyle? It shouldn’t even be called a lifestyle, because there`s no life in what you are doing – office, work, home, work…

Do you see the trend? It is called work and only work! Start having fun or at least start having some relaxation after work. And if you wonder how to do it without losing your entire evening or night and in a really pleasant and cool atmosphere, here`s what we offer to you – have a drink after work. Relax, take a deserved break and go back home with a smile. Still hesitating about this idea? Then, see the top reasons to start having a small drink after work.


  1. Get rid of the pressure

Alcohol, when consumed with measure, releases the stress. And having a cocktail in a bar in Toronto after work is OK. It will not make you an alcoholic, but only will turn the smile back to your face after the busy and dynamic day you had at work.

  1. Take benefits of happy hour!

Most bars in Toronto – like D.W. Alexander club, for instance – offer happy hour program with great special promotions in the period of time, when people usually get back from the work. This is the time, when the drinks become cheaper, but this is not all! This is the time, where more people come to the lounge and it becomes really nice, interesting and quite social – and definitely better than the social webs like Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Be more bearable at home

OK, when was the last time your spouse told you are unbearable, when you go back home from the office? If you do not have fun or relax after work, probably, it was the last time you went back home from work. So, stop annoying the rest of your family with your awful mood and pressure. Come back home with a smile and happy mood better. A drink can do that…

  1. Try new things

Life is amazing, because it offers you new things all the way long. But how can you see or try them, if you are stuck in your daily routines, where only work and home exist? When you go to have a drink in a bar in Toronto after work, you can meet new people, test new cocktails (D.W. Alexander bar at the 19 Church Street, as a matter of fact, provides really interesting offers) and even see new fashion ideas, observe how young people communicate today. Aren’t all of these things better than sitting on the coach in front of the TV after the working day? Think about it.